2014 BrewFest logo/poster design contest

Hi craft beer fans,

Rob here.

I was thinking the other day about what the brewfest poster for 2014. Our original logo, was a spin off of the Garden State Parkway logo. We were asked by the Turnpike Authority to change it. Kinda ridiculous, but sparked this idea …

Get your pencils & pens, markers & crayons, photoshop or whatever tools suit your internal artist and design our 2014 logo. This will go on our 11x17 distribution posters.

Anyone (21 or older) may enter. Whether you’re an amateur, at-home-in-my-spare-time artist, a doodler, an aspiring artist, or house painter. You have complete artistic license here. If you have any questions, you can email info@gardenstatebrewfest.com or post somewhere on here.

"What’s in it for me?"
Well, beyond all the notoriety, all the fame, skillions of adoring fans?
The winner will receive
- 4 VIP tickets to the Garden State BrewFest ($400 value)
- You’ll actually be an ultra VIP - no idea what that means, but we’re gonna love you mucho.
- A framed GSBF poster with your image.
- bragging rights at every decent bar & liquor store in the land.
- a half page description in the event program.

Tell your friends, especially the artsy-fartsy ones; regardless of whether or not they are in the craft beer community. That’s the best way to win a free VIP.

Entries may be submitted until February 15, 2014. Winner announced by Feb 28, 2014.

Email your submissions to info@gardenstatebrewfest.com